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Managed Print Services
Managed Print Services
The Great Benefits Implementing Managed Print Services

Despite the importance of the printing department in any business, it's often an archaic under achiever that nobody likes to get involved with, or more likely is dispersed around the organisation, there in fact being no printing department at all. But what can be done to make things better? Well, rather than ignoring or postponing the issue, a business needs to find an affordable and efficient way forward. Managed print services provide the positive changes a company needs.

Increased Options

When Managed Print Services are implemented, a company will see that it had a lot of issues with the use of existing kit and people. They will find that the service allows the printers in the business capable of meeting their printing needs to exact specifications, no matter how complex.

Cost Control

Industry experts believe that MPS can save over £140 a years per staff member per year, which for a large organisation could be a large saving. It also means your current printing budget is probably not very accurate, because you're not able to calculate it with any degree of accuracy. With managed print services however, costs are easily calculated and accounted for.

Leveraged Resources

Ask a varied sample of employees what their least favorite part of the company they work for is, what area of operation causes the most frustration and is often the costliest and least productive, and the majority will say printing. You've got people and equipment that simply aren't able to produce your desired results, yet you're paying as if they were. This is simply too counterproductive to fit into any logical business model.

Improved Quality

At the heart of managed print services is the remote management of the printers. This means that all of the printers, copiers and multifunction devices within your company are monitored 24/7, removing the time consuming duty of controlling and managing the devices internally.

Key benefits are that paper and other consumables are automatically ordered and delivered just when you need them. Furthermore, a lot of technical issues that are normally escalated can be fixed quickly and remotely.

Document security

Further benefits of this solution includes improved security around the production and management of documents, together with the provision of audit trails, copy useage etc.

In short, a company should not be burdened by its print department, it should be dazzled by it. With managed print services, productivity goes up while overall costs decline.These are positive changes that all businesses can benefit from.

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