Saturday, 22 March 2014

Experiencing the Pamlico 135T Reviews
Experiencing the Pamlico 135T Reviews
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Most adventure lovers would name kayaking as their favorite sport when asked to think of one. For thrill seekers looking for a new water sport, kayaking is a great choice. A kayak is the smallest of the controllable boats that are commonly used.

The outside of a kayak is cloth or plastic, but inside there is a hard cage that protects the riders. Traditional kayaks seat one person, but tandems suit two riders. When planning a family kayak adventure, the tandem kayak is the most stable and maneuverable type of kayak. .

When trying Tandem Kayaking for the first time, choose the best kayak you can find.

Therefore, you need to consider these points when you are choosing a kayak:

- How many people will ride in each kayak?

- Consider the size, weight and fitness capabilities of the kayakers.

- The kayaking that is planned.

- What is the budget for the kayaking portion of your trip?

When tandem kayaking, there are specific guidelines you should keep in mind.:

1. Place the heavier riders toward the back of the kayak for best results.

2. Adhere to this rule in reverse when kayaking in high winds. Moving the heaviest person to the front of the kayak is important to keep the kayak stable during heavy cross winds.

3. The back seat also called the captain seat is where the rider of the kayak is placed. Thus, it must be ensured that the person with the most experience occupies this seat.

4. On a calm day, give the newbies the captain's seat so they can learn about kayaking.

One advantage of a kayak is if one rider is tired or injured, the other can guide the kayak back to safety.

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