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WP FastDash Review

http://WP FastDash Review
WP FastDash Review
If you use WordPress, and especially if you have more than one site, then have you ever noticed how terrible WordPress is at letting you know when your software needs to be updated?In fact, you don’t know that your plugins and themes-even WordPress itself-are completely out of date (big security risk!) until the next time you log in.

Did you know that hackers actively search for outdated WordPress sites? It’s the easiest things for them to hijack. That’s why each new version of WordPress has security fixes in it, to combat those jerks.Security is just one of the things on my mind as I write this. The other Big Thing is how tedious and clunky it is when you have more than one WordPress site. Logging in, logging out, logging into another site, logging out of that one and into another one and don’t even get me started on the pains involved with creating a new site on a new domain.

A trusted name in marketing has created a complete system for managing every one of your WordPress sites all from one web-based location. With the click of a button you can: Update all your plugins,Update your theme,Update WordPress,Add new posts,Install new plugins & themes,Backup your entire site to the cloud,Know your site rankings, back links, and social signals and even CLONE your entire site to a new domain! Plus a lot of other time-saving goodies that will transform your relationship with your sites! Bill Guthrie’s new venture BWI Press has created a perfect solution for landlorders.WP FastDash a new WP dashboard that lets you manage all your sites under a single interface. One-click installation of WP-as well as one-click updates for themes and plugins.

FastDash has built-in analytics. You can see your site rankings, back links, and social signals for all your sites under the dashboard. No need of logging into other analytics programs.Not to mention, you can clone sites right inside and even build one site for a local market, then clone it to put up campaigns for multiple cities.

WP FastDash software is for users of WordPress who are tired of having to log into each of their sites to create posts, update their themes, plugins, and WP installations ,who want a single dashboard that allows them to connect to all of their WordPress sites in one place,who want additional key data, like site rankings, backlink data, and social signals,who want to clone sites with a few clicks…and have a secure site backup working in the background.

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