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Bleach Action Figures - Stylized Action

Bleach Action Figures - Stylized Action
From a little known manga to a worldwide sensation, Bleach is a media franchise that has spawned comic books, a weekly anime, several stand-alone movies, and a wide assortment of bleach action figures. Your Bleach adventure begins here.

What is Bleach?

Known for its stylized, action-packed animation and complex plot, Bleach is so popular that entering the term into a search engines results in links to the well-known anime and manga, and not the cleaning product.

Tite Kubo's small, serialized comic made its debut in the popular manga anthology Weekly Shonen Jump in early 2001.
Its popularity as a manga proved as a jumping point. In 2004, Studio Pierrot, a large animation studio based in Japan launched the anime series.

Over its 8-year run, the series reached over 300 episodes before the final episode aired on March 27, 2012. The manga, however, continues its run. It has been collected into over 62 volumes over the past decade.

Fans all around the world continue to follow the adventures of the hot-headed teenager Ichigo Kurosaki and his myriad group of friends and enemies. The series has a strong fan-art and fan following. The characters are extremely popular with cosplayers due to their easy to distinguish looks, stylized costumes and outlandish weapons.

Bleach Synopsis

Bleach chronicles the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki, a not-so-ordinary teenager with the power to see ghosts. Ichigo is surrounded by a small group of family and friends like Yasutora "Chad " Sado, Uryu Ishida and a potential love interest with powers of her own, Orihime Inoue.

He's a bit like a Japanese Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but a run-in with a Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki changes his life. On the brink of death, Rukia transfers her powers to him. Ichigo ends up with the power not just to see ghosts, but to protect souls that transition from the world of the living to the world of the dead, known as Soul Society.

Rukia's superiors, including her adopted older brother Captain Byakuya Kuchiki, are not too happy with her giving up her powers to a human. As a result, they kidnap Rukia in front of Ichigo. When he learns that she will be sentenced to death for her crime, he decides to come to her rescue. Thus begins the story's central conflict and the first of Ichigo's many tests.

Bleach Characters

Setting his heart on rescuing Rukia, Ichigo encounters several new characters along the way. He discovers that seemingly ordinary people who live in his town, like shop owner Kisuke, have complex pasts linked with Soul Society.

Ichigo confronts several citizens of Soul Society along the way, including the brash Renji Abarai, Byakuya's lieutenant and Rukia's childhood best friend.

Ichigo discovers that Soul Society is a rigid hierarchy, protected by 13 Squads. He finds himself battling his way through Soul Society and in some cases, battling his own demons. In the series, this is just the beginning of the battles that he will face in the future.

Bleach never loses its touch, balancing lighthearted comedic moments with skilled action sequences that demonstrate Kubo's skill in both character development, a complex story line, and no holds barred fighting. As one of the most successful anime franchises worldwide, it has spawned not just a fan base but a true fan following.

Why You Should Buy Bleach Action Figures Online

For the avid toy collector, Bleach is the collector's dream. It has a large roster of characters to choose from, each with a distinct look and distinct styling that will definitely liven up your current collection. Many of Bleach's characters' appearances are exact opposites of their personalities, and the quirkier characters, like Ulquiorra Cifer, have a trademark look that you can't find in any other series.

The anime is also extremely popular in North America and around the world. This popularity has made it easy to purchase bleach action figures, but has also made a broad range of fakes available to the novice collector. To be sure you purchase high-quality bleach figures, it's best to order online from a reputable dealer. Don't waste your money on shady collectors selling "mint condition" Bleach figures on eBay or Amazon, which you may receive in terrible or damaged condition.

Buying online also gives you access to special deals and discounts, as well as freedom to shop whenever and however you please. Instead, exercise the freedom to choose from a wide range of characters hailing from Soul Society to Hueco Mundo. After all, your Bleach collection won't be complete without a few Arrancar.

You can't get this level of workmanship from your ordinary toy store. Your toy shelf needs a Shinigami or two, get your Bleach action figure today.

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