Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Your online privacy is at stake and this is how you protect it
Your online privacy is at stake and this is how you protect it
Child pornography is an industry that is booming in the porn genre, simply because we live in a world where mentally sick men and women that have an absent conscience when it comes to young kids, exist among us. The Internet has material all over the place, where the authorities have been able to trace / ban these websites from public viewing. But the problem is that it can still be viewed through streaming porn websites where these are viewable for free without any kind of membership with a fee.

The blacklisted site URLs are those which are disallowed access to, while those websites to which access is allowed are the white-listed ones. Internet filters can be used to ban access to websites that are marked under a certain category that is not intended for public use. Net Nanny and Safe Eyes are some examples of Internet filters. Some Internet filtering methods restrict web users from searching for content. That is, web access is banned for a user who searches with controversial terms or 'blacklisted' words or phrases. Most of the browsers today, come with Internet filtering capabilities.

A proxy server, connected to the Internet, is a gateway for the connected network. A router with an integrated modem, that has a connection with the Internet, is also known as a gateway. A switch is on the lowest level of network hierarchy. It is only a network segment connector, compared to a router, which integrates networks and a gateway, to provide direct access to larger networks. This term is used to refer to a text-based program which is used to directly connect and interact with a remote host or a server. A web page is used to refer to a document or file which is written in HTML and stored on the web server. This document can be viewed over the Internet with the help of a Web browser. Update the current version of your email delivery software.

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