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What are the Commentaries of Living Immortals?
What are the Commentaries of Living Immortals?
What are the Commentaries of Living Immortals?

This all began a couple of many years ago when I wrote my guide “Physical Immortality: A Background and How to Guide” primarily based on my study into extremely lengthy lived individuals and my theories on how 1 can lengthen their longevity to 150 many years or much more.

Component of my advertising work was to set up various webpages exactly where I experienced posts about my guide with hyperlinks to my web site for revenue. 1 of these websites also integrated a dialogue bulletin board exactly where anybody could publish feedback.

For more than a yr there had been common feedback each professional and con about my guide.

Then the feedback began to alter, and a selection of individuals began submitting who stated that they had been living immortals and produced statements to me about their understanding and what immortality is truly all about.

Stealth states he is more than 2800 many years previous and this is a small little bit of what he wrote:

Hello. Marty, my little childhood was a great 1 peace complete pleased, my mom/father had been easy farmers and my father was also a deer/sheep hunter/hearder, that was extremely lengthy ago i was born in these days its named Elgin in Scotland I did say born 2823bc but if you include the dates its 812bc.

i utilized to reside in a little home with a wooden/hay mattress with brick firecplace/partitions, and little kitchen area region, They died young, my age becoming seventeen they received sick/ill/starvation they had been forty five many years previous. close to the finish of neolithic begin of the bronze age britany. Back then the viking period. Then soon following i was nonetheless a young Immortal aged twenty then moved to irland then new/fird deity named Lugh/Lugus until aged 160.

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