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Empresas de Tecnico informatico Barcelona
Empresas de Tecnico informatico Barcelona
Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance consists of repariciĆ³n or replacement of system components that are in poor condition or malfunction present . This type of maintenance is performed when advised by predictive and preventive when it is no longer possible.

Reparacion ordenadores Barcelona

As set system maintenance , we can act in two ways :

Correction planificada.Es no emergency corrective maintenance to be carried out as quickly to avoid increasing costs and prevent damage and / or humans.
If an unexpected breakdown , proceed to reparala in the shortest time possible for the system , equipment or facility continues to operate normally without causing damage .

Correction expected planificada.El planned corrective maintenance which will be before the failure occurs , so that when you stop to repair equipment and spare parts are available , the necessary documents and technical staff previously assigned in task scheduling .

Like the previous , correct the fault and acts against a fact.

This type differs from unplanned maintenance in avoiding that degree of urgency of the former , because the jobs are scheduled in advance.

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